EnviroVeg is the vegetable industry's own environmental program developed specifically for vegetable growers.

EnviroVeg assists growers by showing the community and consumers that Australian growers are producing high quality vegetables in a responsible environmental manner.

Information on the EnviroVeg program can be found on the EnviroVeg website www.enviroveg.com  

Why should I join EnviroVeg?

  • To have your environmental practices recognised and acknowledged
  • To identify the farming practices that you already have in place which have a beneficial environmental impact
  • To demonstrate to the community and retail partners that you are actively engaged in environmentally responsible vegetable production
  • To gain access to exclusive member only areas of the website including learning resources and information about upcoming events
  • To get information about any subsidies, grants or funding that is available to growers wishing to make environmental improvements on farm

It is FREE to all levy paying vegetable growers, so sign up today by clicking the button below!


For further information on EnviroVeg contact:

Andrew Shaw
AUSVEG Environment Coordinator
Ph: (08) 8221 5220 | Fax: (03) 9882 6722
Email: andrew.shaw@ausveg.com.au


This project is facilitated by HIA in partnership with AUSVEG and was funded by the National Vegetable levy. The Australian Government provides matched funding for all HIA's R&D activities.